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Hankook Tire survey finds Americans more likely to drive than fly this holiday season


NASHVILLE, TENN. – As Americans get ready for the most wonderful time of the year, complete with dazzling lights, delicious food and plenty of cheer, they are also preparing for another element of the holiday season: lots of time in the car. Hankook Tire released findings from its latest Gauge Index Survey, which found that 84 percent of Americans are more likely to drive than fly to their holiday destinations this year.

With all the time they’re planning to spend in the car, it’s no wonder that nearly half (48 percent) of Americans would say “yes” to new tires as a gift this holiday season. That number rises to 57 percent in the Midwest, where harsh winters can take their toll on tires.

Santa won’t just put the tires under the tree this year – he’ll also be driving everyone around. According to the Gauge Index, 51 percent consider their driving style to be like Kris Kringle, because they are generous drivers who let others in their lane when in traffic. However, 12 percent of Americans admit to being a bit of Grinch behind the wheel because of their aggressive driving.

For those looking to get away for the holidays, 38 percent of drivers voted a beach destination as their ideal vacation. New York City also is another top holiday draw, earning 24 percent of the vote. Overall, 14 percent of Americans would like to spend the holidays in New Orleans, with nearly a quarter (23 percent) of those residing in the South preferring to spend the holidays in The Big Easy.

To further celebrate the holiday season, 2 out of 3 Americans (66 percent) are more inclined to drive through a holiday light display than scenic snow.

Wherever you’re headed, stay safe on the roads this winter. As the outside temperature drops, so does tire pressure, decreasing 1-2 pounds for every 10-degree drop in ambient air temperature. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends servicing your car before the winter weather hits in full force, and making sure that your lights, windshield wipers, brakes and tires are all in good condition. Should a new set of winter tires be in order, promotions like the Hankook Great Winter Rebate, which runs through Dec. 31, can get you in the spirit for savings.

“Hankook Tire’s commitment to quality and safety is inherent in every tire we produce in the U.S. and around the world,” said Wes Boling, Public Relations Manager, Hankook Tire America Corp. “As the temperature drops, proper tire maintenance is the key to a safe and happy holiday.”

The Hankook Tire Gauge Index is a quarterly survey of Americans that uncovers their attitudes and opinions about all things related to driving. The latest installment of the survey, conducted Nov. 3 to Nov. 5, polled 891 randomly selected Americans.


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