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Discover New Cities in 2018

New Year’s resolutions are all about vowing to do things just a little bit differently in the year ahead.

When it comes to travel-related resolutions, there is one that we all should be considering for 2018: discovering something new.

Having a brand new place become one of your favorites is what travel is all about, and the following are a few of the best cities to discover in the year ahead with GOGO Vacations.

Bristol, United Kingdom

Bristol has been picking up boatloads of steam in recent years, and the harborside city is now firmly entrenched on the list of Britain’s coolest places. The city teems with creativity, eclectic restaurants and bars in addition to having a happening music and street art scene.

Bern, Switzerland

While Bern might be the capital of Switzerland, it still retains small-town charm missing from other Swiss cities. Nibble on some chocolate while strolling along the aquamarine Aare River, do some shopping under the romantic arcades of the Old Town and sample a traditional Berner Platte—a smorgasbord of smoked meats.

Lisbon, Portugal

You won’t get more scenic than Lisbon as this city spills up, down and all around a cluster of dramatic hills. Rickety-yet-romantic old trams run through the oldest sections of town leading you to cultural and gastronomical delights. You can’t leave town without having a decadent egg tart or having a sip of Portuguese wine—some of the most underrated in Europe.

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Memphis, USA

Memphis might not have gotten the nickname ‘Music City’, but it can more than compete with its cross-state rival Nashville when it comes to two of the tastiest parts of travel: food and music. Memphis is both a blues and rock ‘n roll mecca and, while the tunes are hot, the flavors of the city’s world-famous barbecue are positively smoking.

Panama City, Panama

Central America’s glitziest capital, shimmering Panama City surprises with its wealth of attractions. A visit to the Panama Canal is a classic day out, but you might be just as impressed with the engineering behind the city’s skyscrapers. The best part? Gorgeous white sand beaches are located within minutes of downtown.

Plzen, Czech Republic

Plzen is the birthplace of pilsner beer and the perfect place for travelers who love a quaff. A visit to the renowned Pilsner Urquell Brewery is a must-do as is a stroll through the scenic town square and a trip to the haunting underground tunnels.

Thessaloniki, Greece

Greece’s second city sits at a crossroads of cultures and is a fascinating place to spend time. In addition to hosting the country’s largest carnival celebration each winter, Thessaloniki is also famous for being the foodie capital of the country.

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Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg is a great place to sample the alluring charms of Scandinavia. Nature lovers will adore how the city sits near a stunning archipelago while culture vultures will fall for the charming old wooden buildings in the Old Town and its stimulating Swedish nightlife.

Seville, Spain

Simply put: sunny Seville is the Spain of your dreams. The home of flamenco, you will frolic with a proud population that cherishes its unique regional traditions like Semana Santa and the raucous April Fair. Don’t even dream of leaving town without taking in a fiery flamenco performance.

Winnipeg, Canada

Located In the heart of Canada, Winnipeg is the perfect city to get to know the charms of the Canadian Plains. Learn about the city’s heritage at The Forks, drink and dine in the cool Osborne Village and then take in a Winnipeg Jets NHL hockey game.

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