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How to Experience Miami Like a Local

WHY IT RATES: Wander Miami builds visitors a personalized itinerary based on their unique needs and preferences.—Patrick Clarke, TravelPulse Senior Writer

After a 2-month soft launch and just in time for the summer season, Wander Miami travel planning service is now ready to serve tourists and visitors who want to experience the Magic City like a local.

Those who want to see, do, and eat the latest in Miami can engage in a 30-minute complementary phone or text chat with a local expert, who will then create a self-guided, customized, day-to-day itinerary for your Miami trip, priced at just $20 per day of travel.

“With such developed tourism infrastructure in Miami, visitors usually do not need help making their own arrangements like booking a hotel or renting a car,” says CEO Connie Lee. “What travelers are really looking for is more nuanced than that. They want to know what’s the most romantic sunrise spot, where to find the freshest croquetas, when is the best time to hit that trendy happy hour, and how to navigate parking and traffic like you live here. They want to narrow down their options and have an authentic experience.”

Wander Miami’s consulting team considers all of a traveler’s needs and preferences such as pace and style of travel, hobbies, reason for travel, and group dynamics (dependent on being in town for business, leisure, a milestone, event, family, or another reason). Then, they rake through their expertise of thousands of evolving places and on-the-ground details one would only know from living full time in Miami. The result is a hyper-efficient, customized itinerary with realistic scheduling, how long to spend at a place, what to bring and wear, and how to fully take in the 305 like local.

And how is the service just $20 per day of travel?

“Travel should be both insightful and accessible,” says Lee, who emphasizes that the company does not work on commissions or referrals. “This should not be limited only for those who have a lot of money to sling around. We just want visitors to have an amazing time in Miami without wasting their time or money, or wondering if something is ‘worth it.'”

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