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Iberia launches Stopover Hola Madrid programme

Luis Gallego, executive chairman of Iberia, has joined with mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, to launch a new stopover programme entitled Hola Madrid.

Designed to encourage long-haul passengers to extend their Madrid stopovers by up to six nights, the deal is designed to offer advantageous conditions.

The local council and Spanish flag-carrier worked together on the scheme, which is aimed at travellers from Europe, the Americas and Asia.

It is intended to strengthen Iberia’s Madrid Airport hub, while driving demand for long-haul flights with Iberia.

Martínez-Alameda said: “Madrid council will be always supporting to those whose objective is keeping Madrid as an economic, social and cultural reference among capitals in the world.

“Madrid is a very dynamic city and thanks to its business network is the region with the best GDP.

“We want to deep in public-private collaboration and enhance business leadership at Madrid.”

Some 48 hours before arriving in Madrid, Stopover Hola Madrid customers can obtain a free guidebook with information about local transportation, climate, sightseeing and dining.

Once in Madrid, they may wish to hire a Biduzzer, an expert personal guide who can provide insider information about places to go and things to do, from the best choices on a menu to the best seats in a theatre.

On reaching the arrivals area in Madrid, Stopover Hola Madrid can pick up free public transportation cards valid for two days on all municipal buses and the underground Metro.

Another option is to choose a transfer on Alsa or to hire a car from Avis.

Stopover Hola Madrid also includes discounts at all Meliá hotels.

Both companies offer discounts to Stopover Hola Madrid customers.

In this presentation, Iberia Chairman Luis Gallego added the airline’s conviction that Madrid is “one of our best tourist destinations as well as a business centre.”

He explained that the airline flies from Madrid to more than 100 international destinations.

“This is our flight distribution centre, our hub, and our home, and we want our customers to stay here,” he concluded.

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