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Jamaica introduces online immigration declaration option

Jamaica now offers an online version of the Immigration & Customs Declaration form for arriving travellers at the island’s international airports.

The online form will enable passengers to be processed more seamlessly through the arrival process on the island.

This will also lead to a reduction in waiting and processing times in both immigration and customs.

The form provides travellers with the option to be completed prior to their travels to Jamaica (once their travel has been booked) as opposed to filling out the physical form upon arriving at their respective airport.

“As Jamaica’s arrivals numbers continue to soar, it’s important that we offer a speedier process at our airports, so our visitors spend less time waiting in immigration and customs and more time enjoying the destination,” said Donovan White, Jamaica director of tourism.

“We’re continuously seeking ways to enhance our visitors’ experience while in Jamaica and we hope this improved experience also promotes greater return visits for our guests.”

The online passenger declaration form captures the same information as the current paper immigration and customs passenger declaration form.

The electronic format, once completed, is then submitted to immigration officers and customs officers and when passengers arrive at the airport in Jamaica, they are processed by designated officers.

“The new system is efficient because it is user-friendly and requires minimal effort on the part of the traveller,” said Andrew Wynter, chief executive of the Jamaica Passport, Immigration & Citizenship Agency.

“Once you click on one of the boxes, it moves you onto the next option; we don’t want people spending too much time on the form, we want them focusing on their stay and experience in Jamaica.”

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