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Jamaica tourism keen to grow Japan arrivals

Jamaica has received resounding support from the Japan Association of Travel agents in the quest to increase arrivals from the country. 

In a meeting with a delegation from the Caribbean destination, JATA chairman Hiromi Tagawa said: “JATA is pleased that Jamaica is once again active in the Japanese travel market.

“We are committed to helping to promote the destination among our members.

“Arrival numbers to Jamaica will increase.”

Edmund Bartlett, minister of tourism for Jamaica, who led the delegation, spoke to the improvements in the tourism product which would appeal to the Japanese market.

“The expansion in Jamaica’s tourism is very attractive to today’s Japanese traveller. 

“For the millennials, we offer adventure and entertainment, while for those travellers looking for an authentic cultural experience, we offer a culinary journey alongside world heritage sites.”

Bartlett also discussed the timeliness of Jamaica’s participation in Tourism Expo Japan, coming only three months after the signing of a historic amendment to the open skies agreement between the US and Japan.

The agreement allows for American, Delta, United and Hawaiian Airlines to improve and increase travel and trade between both countries thereby paving the way for enhanced connections to Caribbean destinations.

Agreeing with minster Bartlett, Jungo Kikuma, chairman of the Japan Outbound Tourism Council, said: “With the anticipated increase in flights to the US, Japanese travel agents will now, more than ever, think about tourism beyond the US to destinations like Jamaica.

“I am personally supportive of returning to the days when Jamaica was easily accessible to Japanese travellers and will support the efforts towards achieving this end.”

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