Monday , May 23 2022
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Japan To Continue Strict Border Rules Through February

The U.S. Embassy and Consulates in Japan are alerting travelers that the country will continue its strict entry policies for travelers from the U.S.

All travelers must comply with a three- or six-day quarantine at a government-designated facility. The length of time depends on where the visitor travels from.

Travelers should also be aware of longer processing times at airports. Enhanced screening measures related to Omicron mean extended wait times upon arrival. Japan is warning travelers that there are limited options during customs and immigration for food and drinks and are advising travelers to have medications and nonperishable food items with them.

Those coming to Japan and planning to quarantine should also take into consideration that the government can’t meet specific requirements based on dietary restrictions, and those travelers may also wish to bring items with them for the duration of their quarantine stay.

Families also should be aware that they could be separated if hotels rooms are not large enough to accommodate the whole group. The government is advising those going to Japan to pack each person’s luggage individually to make sure everyone has access to the items they need.

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