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Man’s sweater collection becomes Internet sensation & latest travel trend

UPDATE: The Belize Tourism Board has offered Barsky a free vacation to Belize in exchange for a Belizean-themed sweater. The proposed garment would feature one of the destination’s top tourist attractions: the Great Blue Hole or Lamanai. The trip would, of course, include a stop at the site he chooses to allow for another photo opp. Let’s see if Barsky takes them up on their offer!

TORONTO — With the holidays now over, Christmas trees have been discarded and ugly Christmas sweaters have been boxed up for another season. But one man from Baltimore has ingeniously figured out a way to don ‘ugly’ sweaters year round and travel the world at the same time.

Meet Sam Barsky, who’s quickly gained worldwide attention for his self-knit sweaters – 103 of them, to be exact. According to Mashable, Barsky started knitting in March 1999, creating two solid-coloured sweaters followed from a pattern. After getting the hang of it, he followed these items with a pictorial sweater, and he’s gotten so good at it that he no longer needs a pattern to knit his ‘masterpieces’.

But it’s not the high quality stitching of his sweaters that caused him to go viral – it’s the images he’s knitted onto them. Famous landmarks from around the world, like Stonehenge and the Dead Sea, have all found their way into his collection. And if that weren’t endearing enough, Barsky has taken to travelling to these landmarks and photographing himself in front of them while wearing their corresponding sweater.

He’s become an Internet sensation – and, quite possibly, the best-dressed world traveller that we know of.

Check out some of his best creations:






You can see more works by Sam Barsky at facebook.com/colorknit/.

Evidence of the latest threat to the Canadian retail travel sector is probably right in your own wallet. It’s your Costco membership card.

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