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Mexico’s Many Tourism Investment Advantages

Calling all entrepreneurs. 

If you are looking to make a splashy investment in the future of tourism, Mexico may have the opportunity that you are looking for. 

According to a report in Mexico News Daily, the tourism ministry is looking for savvy investors to back several upcoming projects, including a tourist train, hotels, golf courses and a retirement community. 

Sectur says its “large projects investment portfolio” for the fourth quarter of 2017 seeks to bring tourism entrepreneurs and investors together to bring the projects to fruition.

The projects available for investment already have the necessary government approvals and are just awaiting an influx of cash. 

There are several available around the country, including in robust tourism regions such as Baja California, Quintana Roo and the Yucatan. 

One of the investments is in a tourist train that will link Mexico City to one of the country’s most visited archaeological sites, Teotihuacan. 

In Acapulco Sur, there are 12 lots available for six-level hotels with a capacity of 4,000 rooms. 

Propiedad El Milagro is in Baja California and includes 24 hectares of oceanfront property 10 miles south of the popular Rosarito Beach area just south of the U.S. border. 

The property is reserved for a hotel, resort, business retreat center, educational institute or hospital equipped for medical tourism are all possibilities for the site. It has been approved for 653 luxury dwellings. 

Laguna Holbox in Quintana Roo is looking for an investment of $400 million to build an ambitious sustainable tourism development on 10,980 hectares.

There is also the chance to invest in a retirement community in Quintana Roo called Blue Lagoon as well as the chance to back a new state-of-the-art aquarium as part of the Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park. 

If you are the owner of a super yacht, you may want to invest in the Isla Cortes development in Sinaloa. The master plan calls for a marina with 450 spaces and 20 spaces for super yachts as well as four golf courses, 10 world-class hotels and five boutique hotels totaling 3,000 rooms, luxury homes and shopping and dining precincts. 

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