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Must-Visit Stops During College Football Season

[ad_1] Football fans rejoice, for football games are finally back in our lives.

This season, why not pack up for the away game or spend a weekend at that one stadium you’ve always wanted to visit? After all, if football is your passion, you owe it yourself to experience the best football towns in America.

And to me, a true football town is none other than a real college town. We’re avoiding the big city schools and focusing on that what a college town is all about: the atmosphere. The fun of football is about tailgating just as much as it is about the game.

Major cities just don’t have that college ambiance about them, but these five towns do and you should plan to visit them at some point in your life if you consider yourself a true football fan.

Athens, Georgia

Arguably the best college town in the country—and the best in America if you ask me. But I live here, so let’s ask Barrett Sallee, college football writer for CBS Sports: “Athens is great because it can offer you a small-town version of just about anything. Small town shopping? Hit downtown. Small town eating and drinking? Microbreweries and small cafes litter the edge of campus. Football? They have that too—all day, every day. It’s everything you want from a big city, miniaturized, with southern charm.”

Additionally, the home of The University of Georgia was ranked as the No. 1 college town from an expert poll last year and is among Travel Channel’s top college towns as well.

Clemson, South Carolina

Clemson is home to Clemson University, but it’s often referred to as “Death Valley” to the fanbase. Now, don’t let that deter you from visiting because the town really is quite lovely.

The charming town is synonymous with the University, especially on game day as it’s covered in Tiger orange.

There’s plenty to do around town with great food and bars, as well several outdoor areas. Also, you can stop by “The Graveyard” to see all the tombstones for Clemson’s major wins. After all, it’s only right to visit the home of the reigning National Champions.

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