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New London Tours Offer Unique Perspectives of the City

An eternally popular destination with travelers, London has suddenly become even more entertaining and engaging for visitors.

And it has nothing to do with the upcoming royal wedding between the world’s new power couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, (though that has certainly upped the city’s glam factor).

A variety of new tours have been launched that are designed to reveal new perspectives on the historic and fascinating city, according to The New York Times.

The tours involve everything from exploring London by Mini Cooper to learning about street art and participating in a graffiti-making workshop.

Here are some of the top new tours identified by The New York Times.

Childhood at Kensington Palace

This family-friendly excursion involves walking around beautiful Kensington Palace and its gardens. But more importantly, children on the tour are given a Snakes and Ladders-type game board that includes instructions to lead the tour.

Throughout the experience, participants are enlightened about what it’s like to be a royal child, including getting to see some royal toys, such as Queen Victoria’s dollhouse. The tour, however, does not come cheap. It’s about $525 for up to six people.

Gin Making

On the other end of the spectrum is the new Airbnb Experiences gin making tour. This opportunity involves hanging out with a host, named Mark, who happens to make and sell a product called 58 Gin. Participants visit Mark’s distillery and craft their own gin, including bottling and naming it. There will also be a chance to sample plenty of gin and tonics while working.

Experience London the Royal Way

Street Art Tours

Yet another unexpected view of the city is offered via the four-hour Street Art Tour & Graffiti Workshop. This outing takes place in the London’s East End neighborhood, an area known around the world for its street art.

Led by an art expert who will be sure to show you works by famous artists, the tour ends with a visit to a local studio, where participants make their own scaled-down version of street art. Appropriately enough, the experience is offered by a company called Alternative London.

The full list of new London tours identified by The New York Times can be viewed here.

Still, more London experiences were recently unveiled by Evan Evans Tours. The largest and oldest sightseeing company in the city, Evan Evans announced last spring that it would be offering walking tours focused on such things as Harry Potter filming locations and also historic pubs.

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