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Unique attraction mixes Middle-Earth and camping


If you’ve ever wanted to take a snooze in Middle-Earth, you won’t have to travel too far. The Bagg Inn Burrows, a luxury hobbit-hole accommodation, is set to open in Alberta by the start of camping season.

The opening follows the success of a luxury medieval camping resort near Three Hills, owned by Daniel Smith, president of Good Knights Entertainment, and his wife Linda.

A good turnout in its first year prompted Smith and his wife to expand — starting an ATB BoostR campaign to raise money to build the hobbit-themed bed and breakfast.

“We went in with a $10,000 goal,” said Smith. “We were kind of looking for $15,000 to $20,000.”

The campaign raised about $17,000. Smith anticipates the opening will draw a big crowd.

“We’re going through the process of filling all these [BoostR] rewards,” said Smith. “We’re starting to interact with all these people that pre-bought our packages. They are just totally pumped.”

Smith describes the Bagg Inn Burrows as luxurious and cozy, private underground spaces tucked in the hillside, designed to accommodate two adults and two children.

According to its website, accommodations will feature richly decorated interiors, a private outdoor garden, and themed costumes for your stay.

“We’re thinking we can get in the ground in March — have it open by the very latest by mid-June,” said Smith. “We are going to set some targets — a bit aggressively. We’re planning for mid-May opening.”

The pair are also hosting a number of medieval and Middle-Earth themed weddings this summer at the medieval camping sites.


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