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Now you can bypass carry-on fees by wearing your luggage

AUSTRALIA — We’ve all been there, checking into a flight and praying that your overweight baggage will go unnoticed. But alas this rarely happens, with eagle-eyed airline agents weighing luggage and smacking passengers with excess fees.

To get around this, Andrew Benke and Claire Murphy of Australia came up with the ‘Airport Jacket’, which can hold up to 15 kg worth of items in 14 pockets. Pockets run so deep that wearers can carry on a laptop, sweater, camera and running shoes all at once.

“Essentially this coat would allow you to carry onboard everything you would need for an overnight or long weekend stay without worrying about your luggage getting lost or paying excessive baggage fees,” said Benke, in an article published by Express. “With airlines beginning to charge for overhead carry-on baggage and other low fare airlines severely restricting baggage allowances for the low fare economy traveller, we feel this is a stylish solution for frustrated travellers who cannot pay for all the additional costs.”

the ‘Airport Jacket’

the ‘Airport Jacket’

The jacket can be worn three ways, with both men and women styles available. When worn at hip length, the coat features eight pockets. When worn at thee-quarter length, wearers have the benefit of 11 pockets. For the maximum amount of space, a total of 14 pockets are provided when worn full length.

It also has two detachable pocket panels that can hold up to six kilos each, plus it transforms into a hand luggage-sized duffel bag once off the flight. It can be folded and stored under the front seat or in the overhead bins.

Catering to all climates, ‘The Airport Jacket’ ranges from XS – 4XL and is available in black and in four styles: two spring/summer styles and two winter styles. The material used for the spring/summer collection is a lightweight, water resistant, 600 denier polyester, and includes a detachable water-resistant hoodie. The material used for the winter collection is 100% wool.

In addition to the benefit of avoiding baggage fees, the Airport Jacket is being touted as a way to reduce wait times and avoid lost luggage.

The Airport Jacket is currently being crowdfunded on Kickstarter at kickstarter.com/projects/244427582/the-airport-jacket-wearable-luggage-for-the-freque.

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