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Pet experts examine the true cost of traveling with your dog


Nearly two thirds of American households have at least one dog and the data indicates our pets have a significant impact on our traveling habits. A TripAdvisor report found that 35% of pet owners take shorter vacations and 25% take fewer vacations overall, because of their furry friends. USTravel.org reports that 54% of Americans who have unused vacation days list pets as the top barrier.

However, according to Consumer Report, 40% of pet parents still take their dog with them when they travel. So, with summer travel season approaching, the nation’s largest network of dog sitters and walkers examined the costs of traveling with your pooch.

The new report by The Dog People by Rover.com that was released has a breakdown of all the potential costs of bringing your dog along on the trip – including airline travel fees, lodging fees, rental car cleaning fees, and smaller items, like travel carriers, seat covers, and more.

The Real Cost of Traveling with Your Dog takes a look at unexpected costs and it offers tips on how to save. The report also compares the cost of getting a pet sitter instead of bringing them along.


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