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RewardExpert releases its 2017 Labor Day Air Travel forecast

NEW YORK, N.Y. RewardExpert, a free service that helps travelers maximize their airline miles and credit card rewards to earn cheap flights, released its 2017 Labor Day Air Travel Forecast analyzing major U.S. airports and airlines to determine how travelers can best avoid potential delays surrounding the holiday travel period. Findings show regional carrier Hawaiian Airlines ranked at the top for on-time performance, while Delta had the best track record out of the major domestic airlines. Additionally, the Wednesday before Labor Day proved to be the best day for air travel.

“As the last holiday weekend of the season, Americans are looking to end their summers with a fun and stress-free vacation,” says RewardExpert CEO and co-founder Roman Shteyn. “Being mindful of the carrier you’re flying with and the dates you choose to travel can help you and your family avoid potential delays during your holiday trip.”

Key findings of the 2017 Labor Day Air Travel Forecast are:

  • To kick off Labor Day weekend without any hiccups, flying out on the Wednesday before the holiday itself is the best choice. – There are far fewer delays, cancellations, or disruptions on this day rather than the days after it. For those who cannot take off work, the day directly before Labor Day is also a fantastic day for travel.
  • Avoid traveling on the Tuesday and Wednesday after the holiday. These days historically have the most delays and cancellations. Travelers will try to return home to get an extra day before returning to work, but it’s best to leave on Labor Day itself to avoid getting stuck at the gate.
  • Hawaii truly is paradise. Not only is regional carrier Hawaiian Airlines at the top with 94.3% of flights reporting on-time performance, so is Honolulu International Airport with 90.9% of flights arriving on-time.
  • Of the three major carriers, Delta leads the pack. Delta flights are 88.4% on-time during the Labor Day travel period. American Airlines ranks right in the middle with 84.9% of flights being on-time. However, United comes in third of the major airlines. 83.3% of flights are delayed or cancelled.
  • Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson is the busiest airport in the country over the Labor Day travel period. An average of 8,194 departures and arrivals go through the Atlanta airport during the holiday period per year. Despite the crowds, travelers will likely have a positive experience flying through Atlanta due to their solid on-time performance ranking over the holiday travel period.

“Time is money, and nobody wants to waste it at the gate if they don’t have to,” says Shteyn. “A look at the track record of major airports and carriers keeps travelers informed and prepared ahead of their trip.”

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