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Saga launches Trans-Siberian Railway Russia tour for 2018

The Trans-Siberian Railway has captured the imagination of travellers for more than 100 years and Saga guests can now experience the world’s longest railway journey interspersed with a sprinkling of comfortable hotel stays in Russia, Mongolia and China, plus an overnighter in a traditional Mongolian tent.

New for 2018, this innovative tour features six overnight journeys on board six different trains and 12 nights in hotels so adventurous travellers can enjoy an immersive once-in-a-lifetime holiday.

Each train varies in age and quality, but most have four-berth compartments which Saga travellers can enjoy for twin use, while solo travellers can upgrade to a private compartment or choose to share.

The 18-night tour starts with a two-night stay in Moscow to explore Russia’s capital before boarding the first train to Kazan, scene of the 16th-century siege by Ivan the Terrible.

Stay overnight in Kazan to discover the city with its historic Kremlin or join an optional excursion to the Assumption Cathedral and Monastery on the island of Sviyazhsk.

The second train travels overnight to Ekaterinburg, in the centre of the Ural Mountains, the natural border between Europe and Asia and a place of great historical significance as it was founded by Peter the Great in 1723 and was the assassination site of the last Russian Tsar Nicolas II.

After an overnight hotel stay, the next train travels across the heartland of Siberia to Novosibirsk, Russia’s third largest city and perhaps do as the Russians do and enjoy stocking up on provisions before embarking on the longest journey on the rails.

Arrive in charming Irkutsk in eastern Siberia with its wealth of beautiful churches and buildings beside the Angara River.

During a two-night stay tour Lake Baikal, the world’s oldest and deepest freshwater lake known as the ‘Galapagos of Russia’.

It’s all aboard for a journey to Ulaan Baatar, the capital of Mongolia, a fast-paced metropolis in the making.

Visit Gandan monastery to hear the monks chanting and continue to Terelj National Park to meet a nomadic family and visit a meditation centre, before an overnight stay in a traditional Mongolian tent.

Each circular felt tent is furnished in traditional style and has a wood-burning stove, which hosts tend to ensure a cosy and warm stay.

Tour Ulaan Baatar and peer up at the imposing 40-metre statue of Genghis Khan on the bank of the Tuul river before boarding a final train for the last leg across the Gobi Desert to Beijing.

Arrive in China’s dynamic capital for a three-night stay to visit the iconic sights, including Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City, before travelling to the Great Wall of China to complete this incredible new tour.

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