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The best cities for scenic drives around the world


DiscoverCars.com asked just over 140,000 tourists and visitors to rate driving in different cities around the world to create a comprehensive list of the best destinations to visit for driving. These include tranquil seaside views to undiscovered treasures some may have never even heard of.

DiscoverCars.com discovered that the top 20 destinations were as follows:

  1. Ivalo (Finland)
  2. Inverness (United Kingdom)
  3. Victoria (Seychelles)
  4. Rovaniemi (Finland)
  5. Bridgetown (Barbados)
  6. Kalamata (Greece)
  7. Kittila (Finland)
  8. Kefalonia (Greece)
  9. Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA)
  10. Bratislava (Slovakia)
  11. Billund (Denmark)
  12. Adelaide (Australia)
  13. Charleroi (Belgium)
  14. Messina – Sicily (Italy)
  15. Helsinki (Finland)
  16. Dusseldorf (Germany)
  17. Oulu (Finland)
  18. Aqaba (Jordan)
  19. Nelson (New Zealand)
  20. Mykonos (Greece)

Aleksandrs Buraks at DiscoverCars.com said: “Many people choose to rent a car when they go abroad because of a range of reasons, such as the cost and inaccessibility of public transport. For that reason, we wanted to help people make the most informed decision for their next trip by ranking the best cities for scenic drives around the world. We want our research to allow people to enjoy their next destination in the knowledge they can enjoy stunning scenic views while they navigate around”.


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