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The Okanagan receives great reviews on the Today show

“The most stunningly beautiful location I have ever had the pleasure of working,” said actress Rachael Leigh Cook of the Okanagan Valley while on the Today show.

Cook has been touring talk shows promoting her new movie Summer in the Vineyard, which was filmed right here in the Okanagan Valley.

The star of “She’s All That” and “Josie and the Pussy Cat Dolls” gave an excellent review of the Okanagan, even going as far as to say “I got married in the Napa Valley, but I’ve got to say, not to be unpatriotic, the Okanagan’s got it beat. It’s amazing.”

Summer in the Vineyard, a Hallmark movie, and sequel to the popular film Autumn in the Vineyard, is centered around wine and winemaking.

Cook also said she would definitely be interested in returning to the Okanagan to shoot future films.

Summer in the Vineyard premieres on the Hallmark Channel Saturday evening at 9 p.m., following a rerun of Autumn in the Vineyard.

A feature film is set to begin filming in Peachland next week when the critically acclaimed director and musician Andrew Huculiak returns to his home town to shoot his highly-anticipated second dramatic feature titled “I’m Not a Bad Person.”

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