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These Are US Travelers’ Most Sought-After Spots for Summer Trips


The Omicron variant is still very much at large, prompting fresh travel warnings from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the State Department in recent weeks. But, it seems that, heading into the third year of the pandemic, Americans aren’t all that phased by the advisories.

As a matter of fact, Naomi Hahn, vice president of strategy for online travel engine Skyscanner, told Conde Nast Traveler that the number of flight bookings U.S. travelers are making for summer 2022 travel has jumped 600 percent in the past month. And, this summer, they’re not just keeping their plans domestic.

Some trends are already starting to emerge from Skyscanner’s latest data, pointing to those destinations that promise to be popular among vacationers this summer. Hahn said they’re seeing “the reemergence of longer-haul hotspots”, now that more countries are opening their borders to the fully vaccinated, in addition to “traditional domestic favorites”.

Relatively low airfare prices are likely contributing to the increase in summer travel planning, Hahn explained. She said the average price of a domestic flight for summer 2022 is presently 53 percent lower than it was in 2019, so people are probably snapping up those cheaper fares while they still can.

These are the top five domestic and international destinations that are looking popular among Americans planning to travel this coming summer season.

5. Los Angeles

Ever a favorite among vacationers, Los Angeles not only boasts rolling waves, sandy beaches and ideal weather conditions year-round but puts you in proximity to all kinds of outdoor activities on land, from hiking, cycling, horseback riding or rock climbing the Santa Monica Mountains to skiing and snowboarding in the San Gabriel Mountains. Right now, the roundtrip cost of airfare to L.A. is averaging only $170.

4. Paris

Who wouldn’t love to see the City of Lights in person? Paris is proving popular among Americans who intend to travel internationally this summer, according to Skyscanner’s data. It may have a reputation for romance, but Paris can also provide surprisingly kid-friendly travels, with plenty of parks and playful promenades, botanical gardens, museum treasure hunts and even amusement parks. The cost of a flight to Paris has fallen 22 percent from 2019 pricing, with roundtrip summer airfare averaging $713.

3. Orlando

As home to several major theme parks, Orlando is always a chart-topper among domestic travelers. It’s bound to become even more of a mecca for Disney enthusiasts in 2022 because it’s Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary year, and the resort has a host of specialty food items, merchandise, character encounters, entertainment and events planned for what it’s calling “The World’s Most Magical Celebration”. The average cost of roundtrip airfare to Orlando this summer is low at just $182.

2. New York City

Those keen for a city break won’t find anywhere quite as delightfully urban as New York City, which Skyscanner said consistently ranks as a top domestic travel destination among Americans. In summer’s warm weather, visitors can take advantage of the many outdoor activities, from strolling in Central Park or visiting the Bronx Zoo, to watching Shakespeare in the park, taking a trip to Coney Island or kayaking in the Hudson River. Domestic airfare prices to NYC this summer are averaging $167.

1. London

Americans have been dreaming of crossing the pond for a couple of years now, but travel conditions have been so volatile that a trip to the United Kingdom has been hard to plan. Now, as the British government is soon to drop social restrictions and COVID-19 testing requirements for international arrivals, travel to the U.K. is again on the menu. Skyscanner’s data points to London as the single most sought-after destination among American travelers for summer 2022. Experiencing the U.K.’s capital city is best undertaken on foot, and themed walking tours abound, but remember to bring an umbrella (or “brolly”, in the vernacular) since, even in summer, you might find yourself unexpectedly caught in the English rain.


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