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TikTok launches UK-focused travel campaign

TikTok is launching its first travel campaign in the UK.

The new hashtag challenge – #HiddenGem – encourages users to discover and share their favourite hidden spots and move away from tourist areas.

The challenge, open to all UK users, invites them to share short-videos with their off the beaten track travel tips, either they are a fantastic camping spot, that unknown restaurant with the best-home meals or that unmissable piece of history hidden in a street corner.

This campaign follows a nationwide study, commissioned by TikTok, to find out more about the travel preferences of travellers under 40-years-of-age.

The study revealed that more than three quarters (77 per cent) stated the way they travel is more ‘authentic’ than how their parents did.

With 85 per cent of millennial Brits priding themselves on seeking out unusual sights and destinations and 47 per cent of respondents stating they travel to broaden their horizons, a third said they always aim to learn a new skill while abroad.

“The survey has highlighted some really interesting insights into how younger Brits go on holiday and unlike other generations, young Brits want to experience authentic travel.

“They want to feel connected on a deeper level to the places they visit and want to seek out experiences and places that are off the beaten track.

“Their parents’ generation went on holiday to relax and get some sun; however, this generation wants to immerse themselves in a different culture and experience things the way locals do,” said Joanna Touqmatchi, UK community lead at TikTok.

Learning some of the language before you travel (24 per cent), only dining where locals eat (30 per cent), and travelling everywhere on public transport (25 per cent) were also high on the list.

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