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Tour of Alberta shuts down after five years

After five years in operation, the Alberta Peleton Association (ATB) recently announced the society is ceasing operations. The event was the brainchild of a dedicated group of cycling enthusiasts that saw the tour of Alberta as more than just a race – it was an opportunity to spotlight local communities with a world-class event.

“The ATB Tour of Alberta was one of North America’s top cycling events and brought some of the world’s best cyclists to the Province of Alberta. We are very proud of the positive impact this event has had in showcasing Alberta’s people, communities, and landscapes to the world,” said Board Chair, Jeffrey Hansen-Carlson.

The Tour of Alberta saw 29 host communities welcome more than 525 professional cyclists from 33 countries over the course of operation. The event, broadcast annually in more than 150 countries, highlighted the best of Alberta ‘s unique visitor experience to a global audience that now knows why Alberta should be on theirmust-visit list.

Though the event is no longer in operation, the ATB society saw great success in demonstrating the power of partnership and community by bringing Alberta’s story to the world. Participants, viewers, volunteers and supporters are now Alberta ambassadors, potentially influencing further visitation in the years to come as they recount the story of their participation in the Tour of Alberta. 

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