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Trail Blazing the Alberta Way

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One such example is the creation of a tourism strategy through Indigenous Tourism Alberta (ITA), developed in a partnership between the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada and Travel Alberta.

This is the first investment in strategy of its kind, focused on encouraging the growth of Indigenous tourism, and providing an opportunity for Indigenous businesses and tour operators across the province to share their authentic and educational experiences with Alberta visitors.

“The story of Indigenous people is an integral part of the Alberta story. It is so important that we, as Indigenous tourism business owners, be the ones to develop and guide a strategy for our industry,” said Brenda Holder, Indigenous Tourism Alberta Chair and owner of Mahikan Trails, a Canmore-based outdoor tourism Business.

The formation and creation of the tourism strategy for the ITA aligns with the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada and the Government of Alberta’s tourism strategies, and informs the direction of the ITA as a new Indigenous tourism industry association for Alberta, focused on the development of Indigenous tourism revenues, business and jobs throughout the province.

The tourism strategy report for the ITA is expected to be completed by May 2018.

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