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What are the busiest days to fly out of Pearson? Here’s a hint: forget TGIF

TORONTO — Toronto Pearson International Airport will welcome over 9.6 million passengers in July and August with an average of 120,000 passengers per day flying in and out of Canada’s largest airport in the summer months. That’s up an extra 10,000 passengers per day over the same time period in 2015.

Toronto Pearson will also see record-setting traffic on Fridays, and is projecting its highest volume on the following days: July 29 – 147,100;  Aug. 5 – 147,700; Aug. 12 – 147,800;  Aug. 19 – 147,900.

“Summer is by far our busiest season of the year at Toronto Pearson, with passengers heading out on summer vacations or flying into the city to enjoy all Toronto has to offer,” said Hillary Marshall, Vice President, Stakeholder Relations and Communications. “As the number of people traveling by air continues to grow in North America, we understand how important it is to work with our government partners to ensure we have the resources we need to allow our passengers to flow through the terminals in an efficient manner that is comparable with other jurisdictions around the world.”

Marshall adds that “air travel is an important economic catalyst in terms of facilitating trade and tourism” and says the airport needs the government to make the necessary investments to support its growth.

A number of measures have been introduced to increase Toronto Pearson’s efficiency, including streamlining security and customs processing for passengers travelling to the U.S. and adding automated baggage drop kiosks.

Toronto Pearson recommends the following tips for passengers travelling this summer:

To help travel agents reassure client concerns about the Coronavirus, TICO has issued a special Registrar Bulletin that includes relevant tips and information.

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