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Woman checks into flight in just her underwear

CALIFORNIA – When travelling, you expect to see spectacular views everywhere you go, but not necessarily while standing in line at the airport.

For a few surprised passengers waiting to check into their Virgin America flight, the view got a bit cheeky when an unidentified female stood at the check-in counter wearing nothing but a blazer and a pair of black underpants. The airline staff member stood on the other side of the counter, apparently oblivious to the passenger’s scandalous outfit, and proceeded to check her into the flight.

A picture of the woman and her partially exposed bottom has been uploaded by Reddit by user Deftones1 with the caption: “Meanwhile at the airport.” The photo has since racked up more than 90,000 views in just 20 hours.

A Virgin America spokesperson told MailOnline Travel” “With custom-designed, mood-lit cabins and touch-screen entertainment and WiFi at every seat on every flight, we encourage our guests to kick back and relax when they fly us – our guest clearly took that message to heart.”

No word yet on whether the air conditioner was broken at the time of check-in, or if the female in question just really, really wanted to show off her underpants.

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