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Younger travellers to be offered online passport renewal in UK

Passport holders aged 16 years or over can now use the latest and most convenient way to renew their passport online, Her Majesty’s Passport Office has announced.

The online passport renewal service, which takes an average of ten minutes to complete, has previously only been available to people over the age of 26.

An HMPO survey found that 63 per cent of people would prefer to renew their passport online.

Over 300,000 16-25-year-olds renew their passport each year, the expansion means that they will all be able to benefit from the service which provides an easy, convenient and secure service to British nationals across the globe.

Immigration minister, Brandon Lewis, said: “This service makes it easier than ever before to renew your passport and I am delighted that we are now able to offer it to 16-25-year-olds.

“We are harnessing technology to transform our services.

“As part of this service, customers are able to digitally upload pictures taken on their tablet or smartphone, and even those taken at photo shops or booths, to their passport application.

“We want to ensure we have a modern and easy-to-use service for our millions of passport holders and applicants.”

HMPO issue six million passports every year, and these new services make the process of applying for a passport even more simple and convenient.

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