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4 Phenomenal Fish Markets/Restaurants in South Florida


It’s seafood season! But it’s kind of always seafood season in South Florida, isn’t it?

From Key West to Fort Lauderdale, we’ve rounded up the best fresh fish and seafood spots—whether they’re restaurants, markets or a hybrid-combo of both. Is it butter-soaked lobster you’re into? Or how about baked clams stuffed with bacon and parmesan cheese?

All that and more can be found at the southern end of the Sunshine State. Wash it down with a margarita or an ice cold beer and order seconds, why don’t you? Seafood isn’t only finger-lickin’ delicious, it’s also good for you and that’s the best news we’ve heard all day!

Eaton Street Market, Key West

With an outdoor seating area that looks like a once-upon-a-time gas station, Key West’s Eaton Street Seafood Market stocks only the freshest seafood caught by local fisherman—including snapper, hogfish, grouper, stone crab and lobster.

Pick your poison and how you want it cooked. A simple fish sandwich and a lobster tail has never tasted so good. Can’t make it down to Key West, but still want to experience the magic of Eaton Street? No worries; just place an order online and any fish your heart desires will be overnighted to your home.

Golden Rule Seafood, Miami

In South Miami Dade lies a family-owned and operated fish market that’s been serving locals for over 70 years. Dine-in at Golden Rule if you please—this unassuming spot in the middle of residential Cutler Bay has an outdoor tiki-style bar/eatery complete with a thatched roof, string lights and live music.

From conch ceviche and crab cakes to baskets of fried oysters or coconut shrimp, Golden Rule has got it all and you can get it to go, too. Whatever you do, don’t skip the smoked fish dip. Take it to-go if you have to; it’s a great starter with crackers when hosting friends on a Friday night.

Casablanca Seafood Bar & Grill, Miami

A posher take on the traditional fish market, Casablanca Seafood Bar & Grill, located on the Miami River, reels in customers in with stunning waterfront views, but really wins them over with the freshest-caught seafood in Miami. Daily happy hour (Monday through Friday 5pm-7pm) and half-price oysters every Wednesday (for a happier hump day) really seal the deal at this more than 20-year-old Miami establishment.

The owners of Casablanca, two brothers, pride themselves in having been the only two Cuban-American shark fishermen in South Florida before opening the restaurant in 1994.

Rustic Inn Crabhouse, Fort Lauderdale

If you’re into garlic crab (and lots of it), Rustic Inn Crabhouse is the place for you. This hole-in-the-wall restaurant, which started as a roadhouse saloon in 1955, can now serve up to 600 guests at once. With indoor and outdoor seating—it overlooks the Dania Cut-Off Canal, wave hello to the passing boats!—and plastic bibs, take in the view and eat your heart out without messing up your clothes.

Try the deep-fried alligator chunks here or maybe the basket of frog legs. I, myself, would go for the baked stuffed clams, the Florida stone crabs (in season October through May) and the crazy big crab sampler.

Grab a frozen cocktail inside or hang around and explore the area once you’re done imbibing; we’ve heard there’s more to Fort Lauderdale than just the airport.


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