Wednesday , October 21 2020
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5 Los Angeles Locations for Iconic Instagram Posts

Whether it’s with the sun in the background or with your camera’s flash on, TravelPulse has five locations in Los Angeles that are ripe for Instagram posts sure to make your followers jealous.

Through a breakdown of each location, we tell you why these trendy hotspots are likely to increase your following amongst foodies, health and wellness fans, television and movie aficionados and lovers of some old-fashioned graffiti art.

Here’ what you need to know:

Griffith Park

Make a splash on social media as soon as your vacation to L.A. begins by hiking the Hollywood Hills at Griffith Park and snapping your most creative shot of the iconic Hollywood sign.

Health-conscious travelers looking to show off their fit lifestyle on Instagram should check out Bikes and Hikes LA, a full-service outdoor activities tour company promoting an eco-friendly, sustainable way to enjoy all the glory Los Angeles has to offer by bike, foot, sailboat, kayak or paddleboard.

The company, which has several different hikes and packages, offers a Hollywood Sign Hike that allows travelers to culminate a somewhat exhausting, but by no means terribly difficult, tour by having a once-in-a-lifetime selfie shoot in front of one of the United States’ most famous signs.

And if selfies aren’t your specialty, your tour guide will be happy to take them for you.

In fact, Kate, TravelPulse’s tour guide during our visit in January for the domestic debut of the Millennial Travel Forum, was quite the master of the optical illusion, snapping shots of agents appearing to be doing everything from eating the sign to holding it in the palm of their hands.

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