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AI in aviation market: Improving customer experience during travel

Artificial Intelligence is no more a new subject and has long been harnessed in the aviation sector. For instance, AI plays a major role in autopilots and flight management systems. With the improvements made in computing power, AI is taking an upward leap. AI is highly focusing on aping and learning human behavior and tasks. AI revolution has significantly impacted all business processes, including operations, customer interaction, support functions, and supply chain. AI offers benefits through replacement and optimization of existing systems and processes and is likely to act as a disruptor in the labor market, as it will result in significant changes in activities carried out by people and tasks suited to machines.

Role of AI in the Aviation Industry
The aviation industry in the commercial aviation sector is striving hard to improve customer satisfaction and enhancing the way it works. Despite being in the nascent stage, AI in Aviation Market has made certain progress which can transform the aviation sector in days to come. Certain uses have already been implemented, such as baggage check-in, facial recognition, aircraft fuel optimization, customer queries and answers, and factory operations optimization.

  • Passenger Identification: With the help of AI, end-to-end check-in, and passenger identification at the airport is performed. For instance, Delta Airlines has been testing this process for some time and is evident in its initiatives like check-in and ticketing kiosks through the Fly Delta mobile app. As per the airlines, these experiments have helped to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline customer flow.
  • Baggage Screening: American Airlines conducted an app in 2017 with the target of having an app developed for making baggage screening easier. A competition named HackWars was themed on drones, AI, and AR & VR. The winner “Team Avatar” developed an app that can just not only allow passengers to determine their baggage size before arrival but can also prepay any baggage-related expenses.
  • Customer Assistance: United Airlines is using Amazon’s Alexa to have customer queries answered. United declared a collaboration with Alexa in September 2017, known as the United skill. To get it started, passengers require to add the United skill to their Alexa app and start asking questions such as check-in requests, the status of a flight by number, and availability of Wi-Fi on the flight.

Application of AI in Aviation
AI and its cognitive technologies that make sense of data can automate and streamline analytics, customer service, machinery maintenance, and other internal processes and tasks.

  • Revenue Management: Revenue management can be defined as the application of data and analytics, which aims towards selling a product to the ones who need it at the right time, at a reasonable cost, and using the appropriate channel. Specialists make use of AI to adjust prices for certain markets and define destinations, manage seats to keep airline customer-friendly and competitive at the same time, and find efficient distribution channels.
  • Air Safety & Airplane Maintenance: Airlines bear high costs owing to cancellations and delays, which include expenses on compensations and maintenance to travelers who are stuck in airports. Carriers deploy predictive maintenance solutions in order to manage data from aircraft health monitoring sensors. These systems are compatible with mobile devices as well as desktop, thereby offering technicians to access historical as well as real-time data from any location. Employees can easily spot issues pointing at malfunction and replace parts proactively by knowing an aircraft’s present technical condition through notifications, alerts, and reports.
  • Messaging Automation: Travelers get nervous when disruption like baggage loss and flight delay occur. Passengers require quick explanation and response from the particular airplane representative. AI software like Coseer by Arbot Solutions simplifies and speeds up customer service by using algorithms for unstructured text and natural language.

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