Thursday , December 3 2020
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Artisan Markets Can Now Sell Liquor in B.C.

Wine, beer, and spirit makers are now permitted to sell their products at artisan markets throughout British Columbia.

This policy update was made because the change that allowed for sales at farmers’ markets was so well received.

“Artisan markets focus on high-quality, handmade goods and I think they’ll be a great fit for the many craftspeople who create, produce and take great pride in their spirits, wine and brews here in British Columbia,” said Coralee Oakes of the B.C. government. “This is another innovative way to further support B.C. liquor producers, many of which are small businesses, while at the same time offering consumers additional choices.”

In order to keep the focus on artisan crafts, markets that hope to sell B.C. liquor must be comprised of at least six vendors who do not provide it. Also, in order to ensure that liquor continues to be served safely in our province, all vendors who will sell or serve alcohol must have proper Serving It Right certification.


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