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Disney Facebook Group Helps Find Woman’s Lost Boyfriend at Epcot


Brittany Blake was worried sick at Disney’s Epcot when she lost her boyfriend, and yet she never imagined that the experience would turn into a humorous, real-life version of “Where’s Waldo?” with thousands of Disney-goers.

Brittany was spending the day with her boyfriend Regory Turco at Epcot when the two got separated.

Unable to find him and with his phone dead, Brittany turned to the Facebook group for Annual Passholders asking: “Weird post but lost my boyfriend in Epcot today and haven’t been able to find him for hours because his phone is dead. If anyone sees him can they tell him to meet us at the Mexican pavillion?”

She added a photo of the two in front of Spaceship Earth. Turco wore a noticeable Hawaiian button-down T-shirt, which one user was quick to point out looked like Stitch’s outfit from Lilo & Stitch.

“That shirt is very distinctive. Someone should be able to spot him,” Nikki Goodfellow wrote in the comments.

Within two hours, 1,300 people had commented and 700 users had reacted to the post. A hashtag was even added to the search.

“This is my favorite post ever in AP! #FINDREGORY #FINDBRITTANYBF,” Tison Singleton said.

While some commenters poked fun at the entire situation, others were truly concerned and tried to help Brittany.

Hours passed and still, Turco could not be found.

With 15 minutes left until the park closed, Jennifer Cardona said, “Head to customer service/to the front of the park. I’m certain he’s there trying to find you as well LOL. We have a home base we go to if we manage to get separated or phones are dead or other variables.”

Within a few minutes before the park closed, one person finally spotted “Waldo” in his Hawaiian button-up top. Brittany’s boyfriend was discovered waiting in Disney’s Frozen line.

At the end of the evening, Brittany posted an update writing: “Update on my boyfriend: Found on the frozen ride. He was drinking all day while looking for me. BTW: thanks for everyone’s nice comments!!”


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