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Ditching the digital detox on holiday

Britons are more likely to be seen with a mobile phone as a holiday companion, rather than friends or family, new research has revealed.

According to the survey, which was commissioned by tour operator Jules Verne, 37% of people would prefer their mobile phone on a trip, rather than a partner or pal (20%). Men are more likely to choose their phones over their friends and family (44% vs 31%).

When asked about the first thing they would do when arriving on holiday, 38% would check in on social media first. This was deemed more important than having food (37.5%), letting their family know they had arrived safely (36%), or taking pictures (31%).

Cambridge tourists are the most technologically dependent in the country, with over half choosing their phone if they could only take one thing on holiday (even over friends and family!)
1. Cambridge – 53%
2. Aberdeen – 48%
3. Liverpool – 46%
4. Belfast – 45%
5. Oxford – 43%

When it comes to phone usage at home vs on holiday, Britons will check their phone at least once every two hours (122 minutes) at home compared to once every 4.8 hours (290 minutes) on holiday. Women are more likely to check their phone more frequently with an average of every 94 minutes, compared to men at 154 minutes. Tourists from London are the best at switching off from the world whilst on holiday, only checking their phones at least once every 5 hours (300 minutes).

Prini Patel, Head of Marketing at Jules Verne, said: “Holidays are a great time to relax, have fun and explore, and technology can offer an enhancement to this experience – whether it’s taking photos, using a map or doing research. However, we were really surprised by the extent to which people use their phones, with almost 40% of respondents choosing to take their phone on holiday over their partner or friends.

“Travelling is a good opportunity to spend time with whoever you are with and experience everything your destination has to offer. So put the phone down and see what a huge difference that makes to the enjoyment of your holiday.”

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