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Doctor saves passenger’s life mid-flight using only a spoon and some toothpicks

KASHGAR, CHINA — A doctor onboard a recent Air China flight channeled his inner MacGyver when he managed to save the life of a fellow passenger using only a few toothpicks and a spoon.

The Telegraph reports that 38-year-old Dr. Tian Yu, a medic from the rheumatology department of Shanghai’s Longhua Hospital, was travelling from Kashgar to Urumqi when a fellow male passenger fell ill onboard. Dr. Yu responded to an in-flight announcement that called for a doctor onboard, and after deducing that the passenger was having an epileptic seizure, he requested a spoon and a towel from the flight crew.

He then used his fingers to remove the vomit from the patient’s mouth to prevent him from choking, then wrapped the towel around the spoon before placing it inside the man’s mouth. This prevented the patient from biting his own tongue, the Daily Mail reported.

Then, in a truly innovative move, Dr. Yu used toothpicks to apply pressure to key acupuncture points, including around the patient’s head in an attempt to activate the brain.

It worked.

The patient was reported to have regained consciousness shortly after, and was then able to sit up and ask for water. He was then taken for further treatment after the plane landed at Urumqi Diwopu International Airport.

Well done, Dr. Yu. MacGyver would’ve been proud.

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