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EU delays decision on whether Canadians require visas to enter

OTTAWA — Canadians will have to wait a little longer to learn whether they’ll need a visa to enter the EU.

According to the Toronto Star, the European Commission has once again delayed the decision to implement visa requirements to Canadians until the Canada-EU summit this fall. The commission is waiting to see whether any progress will be made on the issue of Canada removing visa restrictions on citizens of Romania and Bulgaria.

The EU insists that its citizens should not need visas to come to Canada since Canadians don’t require them to enter Europe.

This reciprocity issue has become a political hot potato in recent months. While Canadian and U.S. citizens currently have visa-free access to EU states, authorities have said that unless Canada and the U.S. drop their visa requirements for all EU nationals, travel to the EU for Canadian and U.S. citizens may require visas in the near future.

Canada and the EU will be holding a summit in Brussels on Oct. 27-28.

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