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Finding Bliss in Britiahs Columbia’s Blaeberry Valley


Originally Posted August 12, 2017

Crowfoot Media – Abby Cooper

With six national parks and eight provincial parks within just over an hour’s drive, Golden, British Columbia, has rightfully been dubbed the “Heart of the Parks.” But, what’s even closer than a handful of these famous parks – and equally impressive – is the Blaeberry Valley, less than 20 kilometres from downtown Golden and ripe for untamed adventures. Abby Cooper gives us the inside scoop.

A “last frontier” feel about the Blaeberry is enticing for those looking to walk their own path and enjoy an experience without encountering another soul. From roping up to conquer glaciated peaks in the Columbia Icefield to fishing with family in the valley, the Blaeberry has it all. Originally serving as a trade route by the First Nations, European Explorers later considered this route for a roadway. The valley sat somewhat dormant until the later 1900’s when much of the valley was logged. The forestry industry left behind driveable logging roads that can still take you to the doorstep of the alpine, and from there the trail is yours for the making. 

After exploring the area, here’s a sampling of the activities available, but keep in mind, plenty of “make your own adventure” opportunities await!


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