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Five unexpected ways to save money on business travel


In today’s technology based business world, face-to-face interactions are becoming a selling point that many businesses overlook. Most people believe programs like Skype are more than appropriate to get the full picture of interaction before they do business, but that’s not entirely true. While you can have a “face-to-face” interaction on these programs, there is still a problem. You don’t get to soak in a person’s full body language, you only get to see from the shoulders up. That means you can’t fully tap into your sensory power of observation, and you have to factor for a higher error potential in your decision.

So, if you are still traveling for business instead of video chatting, you probably know just how expensive it can get. Between airfare, the hotel, a rental car, food and everything else inbetween, you can basically watch your budget burn if you don’t plan ahead.

To help you keep your money in your pocket when you travel for business, we have thought of a few money saving travel tactics you can use to lower your travel budget.

Bundle Packages
Everyday, people just like you and me are planning to travel, and whether it’s for business or personal time, they know where they want to go. Many of the major travel websites, like Expedia, Travelocity, or Kayak, have put this notion to good use by making bundle packages.

Someone had the amazing idea to offer bundle packages since you can find hotels, airfare, and rental cars on these sites. This leads to huge savings depending on your destination, and can really help ease the stress of travel, especially when you don’t know where you are going.

Travel Insurance
You have home insurance, you have car insurance, and you have life insurance, so why not secure a travel insurance plan? If you travel all the time for work, this is a must have policy.

You can get coverage on your belongings, cancellations and even health coverage through places like Fast Cover. Don’t lose a sale because the airline lost your luggage, and your suit was in your suitcase. Get it covered!

Frequent Flyer Miles
If you fly a lot, especially overseas, and you don’t have a credit card that offers cash back on flyer miles, I have one question. Why? You can earn points towards free flights and save big on those long journeys with frequent flyer programs.

Image getting a free flight overseas! That’s more than possible with frequent flyer programs, and getting a card that gives you rewards for buying your tickets means you save tons of money on your travel.

Hotel Rewards
Hotel rewards programs are very similar to frequent flyer programs. You can earn free nights at hotels when you join their programs and stay a few times. Plus, once you find hotel chain you like, you won’t have to wonder what your next hotel will be like.

Some places offer hotel credit cards, too. These work great for stays that you don’t fly to because they normally offer you a certain percentage off when you use their card. If you are flying, the best bet is still finding a great credit card that lets you earn money back or points on all of your purchases and buying a travel bundle, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still rack up on those hotel points when you stay at the same hotels!

Packing Your Bags
You can sink so much money into travel by bringing more than one bag and a carry-on with you on a flight. To avoid additional baggage fees, take some time to learn some space saving packing techniques.

By folding your shirts and rolling them up tight, you can fit more shirts into the same space when you stand them up in the suitcase.

Little tips like this can make a huge difference when it comes to packing efficiently for your travels. Try to fit what you would normally take in two suitcases into one. You can do it.

Though these options have been around for a long time, tons of people still don’t take advantage of them. If you are trying to save money, this is the way to do it. There are tons of unexpected ways to save on your business travel, and these 5 will start you off on the right path. The path that saves you money.

How do you save on business travel? Who offers the best rewards programs? Share your unexpected savings tips in the comments below.


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