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Mexico Tourism Eyes Monumental 2018

Despite continuing to shatter tourism records, Mexico isn’t content to rest on its laurels.

In fact, the Mexico Tourism Board is approaching 2018 with a brand new slate.

TravelPulse’s Lydia Gregory caught up with the board’s regional director for the Americas, Alfonso Sumano, during The New York Times’ Travel Show Friday.

According to Sumano, the goal this year is to showcase Mexico’s variety and encourage visitors to come away with a “comprehensive experience.”

“We’re going to keep pushing the diversification, not only products diversification in Mexico but activities as well,” Sumano told TravelPulse. “We are going to be emphasizing the culture, the cuisine of Mexico, many other very attractive things to do, not only the sun and beach destinations that have been great but we are also going to be showcasing more options for the travelers.”

The board wants travel agents at the forefront of the effort so that they can lead visitors in the right direction.

“We are going to make the products and information available to agents. So that’s why we’re setting up a couple of platforms including an educational platform to actually share specifics about the products in Mexico, so not only the general public but the travel agents can be much better prepared to see the real options we have in Mexico,” added Sumano. “It has such an array of different options that are not that well known.”

Sumano points out that Mexico’s value is among those highlights waiting to be discovered.

“Mexico City has the third largest number of museums in the world just after New York and London. There are things that are really surprising to very many people and that’s exactly what we’re trying to promote,” said Sumano. “Also the value of Mexico: what you pay for and what you get down there is just amazing and we are just next door.”

As far as why Mexico continues to climb the list of the world’s most popular destinations, Sumano credit’s the country’s unrivaled people and their dedication to service.

“One of the things people keep on saying is that they go back to Mexico every year because of the service because they know the waiter, a certain hotel, they love the people and they love the service. We are very happy to hear that.”

Sumano said Mexico wants agents to experience the same. “For the agents, it is not only lovely to go down there and get to know the destinations better and experience Mexico but it’s a great, great business opportunity for them.”

The Mexico Tourism Board plans to meet agents halfway by giving them the right tools.

“We’re going to launch it [Visit Mexico University] very soon because this is something that has been very needed in the industry, we know that and we’ve been working very hard to put it together and it is going to be on the air in full very soon.”

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