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These are the most popular museums in Europe, according to Instagram


Real Russia, an independent company that specialises in Russian visas and travel services for business people, tourists and independent travellers, scoured every Instagram photo geo-tagged at over 100 of Europe’s major museums, to discover which museums are the most popular on Instagram.

“We do this by travelling extensively ourselves, as well as listening to feedback from fellow travellers, and checking out new research and travel trends.

We know that one of the most popular activities for travellers when visiting a European country such as Russia is checking out the vast array of museums the continent offers; covering everything from art to history, science to music, and everything in-between! And, of course, Russia is renowned for having some of the best museums in the world!

On this basis, we decided to research the most ‘Instagrammed’ museums in Europe, to find out which museums are the most popular, and maybe even get a better understanding of what travellers are looking for when trying to find that perfect trip.”

Coming out in the top spot is the Louvre, with an astounding 4.3 million Instagram posts. This is followed by the Vatican with an impressive 1.8 million posts and the Kremlin in 3rd place with 920k photos tagged.


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