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Auto Europe offers 30 agents “hands-on training” in Europe

PORTLAND — A total of 30 agents are heading to Europe this October as part of Auto Europe’s ‘Customer Experience’ Training Program.

This one-of-a-kind training program was first developed over 20 years ago to ensure that the company’s Reservation Agents understand the full customer experience to better support partners and customers.

Participants in the program will experience all aspects of the car rental service, from behind the desk serving an Auto Europe client, to checking the car out from the lot. They’ll also meet with suppliers as well as attend vehicle fam training.

“We are proud to provide this level of hands-on training to our Reservation Agents, as delivering the best customer service in the industry is our highest priority. We know that our travel agents and customers look to our Reservation Specialist to not only guide them through the car rental process, but also to make recommendations based on their transportation needs,” said Kirk Larkin, Auto Europe’s Vice President of Operations. “This training is vital to developing employees that can better serve our clients.”

In addition to the program, Auto Europe offers competitive rates on car rentals along with the industry’s highest commissions. Plus, agents can call the 24-hour call centre and receive priority queuing.

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‘Knowing your customer’ is probably the #1 rule in sales.

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