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Positive outlook for 2023 Europe independent travel but watch out for sticker shock, says Eurobound


Independent, upscale travel to Europe will continue its momentum in 2023, according to Eurobound. Following a banner 2022 travel year, the company is forecasting an even busier 2023. Brigitte Armand, Eurobound President, suggests that clients book early. “Many hotels are already booked up for 2023 high season. Clients should not delay confirming their trips or they may risk being left out completely,” she says.

With travel emerging from the pandemic, the emphasis is more on traditional destinations, and slightly less on adventure travel, according to Jeff Roy, Eurobound Vice President, Sales & Marketing.

Food and wine will continue to be major attractions as people look to indulge themselves, says Roy. However, he cautions that high hotel prices and avoiding crowds are client concerns. Roy suggests that travel advisors prepare their clients for sticker shock. “Hotel prices have risen considerably, and clients may not be as willing to trade up,” he remarks.

Italy, France, Switzerland Most Popular
Honeymoon, anniversary and family vacations are trending, according to Roy. “And with the resurgence of cruising, requests for pre- and post-cruise arrangements are increasing,” he adds.

Classical destinations -especially Italy, France and Switzerland- continue to be the most popular for Eurobound, as people reignite their passion for travel, says Roy.

Traditional European combinations and the grand tour of Europe are back in style. Roy cites country pairings such as Paris and London, Ireland and Scotland, Spain and Portugal, Germany and Austria or Switzerland and Austria. By country, popular trios are Rome, Florence, and Venice; Athens, Mykonos and Santorini; and Paris in combinations with Champagne, Bordeaux, Normandy, or the Riviera.

Family Holidays with Customized Activities
Family vacations with customized activities for kids and adults have been growing in popularity, notes Armand. As an example, she cites a two-week holiday for four centered around the Swiss and Italian Alps.


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