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Whoa, the world’s biggest pool is really, REALLY big

ALGARROBO, CHILE — How big does a swimming pool have to be to break a Guinness world record? Over 3,300 square feet, which makes it the biggest pool in the world.

You may not have heard of San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile, but you’ll be sure to remember it forever after seeing these images of its record-breaking manmade lagoon. Located about 56 miles from Santiago, the resort debuted its 3,323-foot pool in December 2006 after nearly five years of construction.

The result? An endless oasis that spans the length of 20 Olympic-size pools and holds 250 million litres of water.

But that’s not the only incredible element about this pool. Thanks to advanced technology, its waters have the same transparency and turquoise colouring of the tropical seas located just beyond its reach. According to the Daily Mail, it uses a computer-controlled filtration system that sucks water in from the ocean at one end and pumping it out the other. Plus, the pool maintains a pleasant temperature in the summer that borders 26 degrees Celsius, about nine degrees warmer than the nearby sea temperature.

Just to put its incredible size in perspective even further, the next largest pool in the world – the Orthlieb in Morocco – measures a mere 1,575 feet long, less than half the size of San Alfonso del Mar.

But if you’re hoping to take a dip in this behemoth of a pool, you’re out of luck – it’s reserved strictly for water sports and activities like scuba diving, sailing and kayaking. For swimming, you’ll have to settle for the resort’s other numerous pools on site.

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