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Emirates launches daily A380 service to Glasgow, Scotland

Emirates has landed its first A380 in Glasgow, launching the first regular service of the aircraft to Scotland.

A crowd of local fans gathered to witness the arrival of inaugural flight EK025 as it touched down on Glaswegian soil at 19:34 last night.

The plane is the world’s largest passenger aircraft, with a wingspan of 79.8 metres – more than twice the height of Glasgow Cathedral.

Its double-decker cabin can accommodate 489 passengers.

To prepare to receive the A380 on a regular basis, Glasgow Airport has invested significantly to upgrade its infrastructure, as the aircraft can weigh up to 575 tonnes.

The arrival of Emirates’ A380 marks a new daily service between Glasgow and Dubai that will run from today until September 30th.

While an A380 aircraft has touched down in Scotland before, this is the first time in history an A380 has been in regular service to Scotland.

Richard Jewsbury, vice president, UK, Emirates, commented: “The arrival of the A380 is a new milestone in Emirates’ 15-year relationship with Glasgow Airport and a step forward for Scottish air travel.

“Our flagship aircraft continues to capture the imagination of passengers, more than 10 years after it first took flight, and they love flying it.”

Emirates is the world’s largest A380 operator and since 2008, the airline has flown over 150 million passengers on its A380 fleet.

After September, the service will revert to a twice daily Boeing 777 operation.

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